8U – Michigan Monster 2021
June 25 - June 27, 2021
Howell, MI


The 8U Only Michigan Monster event is the “MAIN EVENT” 8U tournament in the Midwest. The tournament is well organized with multiple tournament staff members (that are easily identified by their lime green STAFF shirts) located at each location to maintain the best possible experience. We typically have 20 – 24 8U teams each year attending this event.


The tournament uses the Tourney Machine technology to provide dynamic updates and communication throughout the tournament. The Tourney Machine smart phone app can be downloaded for FREE and used by parents, coaches and fans to track tournament progression and receive communications throughout the length of the event.


The Michigan Monster fields are some of the finest natural fields in the area. The fields are maintain to perfection to the highest standards of quality. The fields are dragged and chalked between each and every game (something you wont find in many venues throughout Michigan). As soon as a tournament game concludes, a small crew of field maintenance staff will attack the fields to restore a smooth and level surface along with chalked lines and batters boxes. The highest level of quality each and every time.

  • All Michigan Monster fields are located on church grounds
  • There are concessions and restrooms on site.
  • Coolers, friendly pets, canopies and grills are welcome.
  • There is an area in the rear of the property where teams that travel from a distance, enjoy an area to stage their RV’s.
  • There is a fully stocked pond on the grounds at the Hidden Springs location. It is “catch and release” only but, a very popular attraction on the property.
  • The 8U Only Michigan Monster event is a “Kid Pitch” 6 inning event. The rules for the tournament is attached to the event home page in the Tourney Machine app.
  • This is a minimum 3 game “guarantee” event. Each team will get a minimum of 3 games.
  • In the event of cancellation due to weather, teams will be refunded for each game “not played” below the 3 game minimum (minus a admin processing fee).
  • Each game will be officiated by two (2) professional and trained umpires. This is something that not a lot of Michigan tournaments provide. Typically, you will find only 1 umpire per game for 8U which allows for a higher degree of human error.
  • At the conclusion of each game, a MVP bag tag will be given to will be awarded to a member of each team. The award will be given to a player from the opposing team, by the opposing coach where the coach will have a chance to recognize the player and explain the reasons why the MVP award was given to that player. Exemplifying the sportsmanship that was intended for the game of baseball.
  • Tournament Sunday is reserved for the playoff round only. The 8 teams that advance into the playoffs will be seeded and will be matched up against another play-off team using normal seeding philosophies.
  • The tournament championship will be scheduled to start at 6:00p sharp.
  • The winning team of this event also received FREE entry into the 2022 Michigan Monster to defend their title.
  • We will be awarding the each of the teams that advance to the championship game with both team and individual awards. The Michigan Monster trophies are some of the finest custom made trophies you will find. Only the best…….FOR THE BEST?
  • The Michigan Monster event is a fundraising event for the HG program.
  • We price the tournament registration at a below average rate so the teams attending can justify the registration.
  • We do charge a “one-time” $5.00 entry fee for all attendees (excluding 3 named coaches and all uniformed players for each team). The wristband you will be given at the gate will be valid for the length of the tournament as long as it is worn on the wrist and intact.
  • The funds collected from the entry fee is shared with our church partners for which we host the tournament.

The Michigan Monster event was created as a reminder of what a baseball event “should be”. We have taken many additional steps to make sure your experience is fun and memorable.

  • The feedback on the Michigan Monster event is outstanding. It is thought of as “the most memorable tournament of the season” for many teams that participate.